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What is your voluntary benefits strategy?

  • Offer when an employer asks?

  • One carrier rep for simplicity?

  • Hire an VB practice leader?

  • Who has time for voluntary?

Whatever your brokerage is doing now, chances are that partnering with a VBO firm will provide a lift to your business in many ways.


VBO firm, or Voluntary Benefits Outsource, is an outside firm that a broker would employ to gain knowledge or resources to introduce enhanced (voluntary) lines to their existing and potential client base with an employee engagement strategy that works for you. It's the most cost effective way to expand your firms product offerings in the shortest amount of time.

Why partner with our team

There are many reasons but they all boil down to Trust and Experience. Enhanced Benefits Insurance Solutions was created with a partnership model in mind, focusing on long-term, sustainable solutions tailored to an employer's needs. 

EBIS Process

Blue and White Step by Step Process Char


 With 50+ years combined experience in the enhanced benefit space and best-in-class underwriting and contracts. Achieve the growth you seek in revenues and reach.


Feel secure knowing the only medical we sell is through our broker partners. 


Sustainable enhanced benefits can do wonders for your long-term growth and retain your valued clients for many years.


Placing or replacing carriers solely based off commissions is becoming a thing of the past! We believe in a holistic approach that is designed to ebb and flow with our mutual client needs.  


“Collaboration equals innovation.” Michael Dell

Not all action is productive, work smarter with a true thought partner. Let us take the guess work out of enhanced benefits and help you spend energy on the right actions with the right clients. 


Tired of trying to force a round peg into a square hole?


We have options! Strategy, marketing, distribution, products, and platforms; all designed organically around your firm's initiatives and the specific needs of each of your clients.

Proudly supporting

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