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Employee Engagement & VBO

Giving you the tools to improve employee engagement and align your benefits with your business goals.  

Why would I add more benefits?

Employees today are looking for choice in their benefits, but offering more benefits can be costly and time consuming. Plus, employees often times might not even know what benefits they have or how good they really are. Besides, you may have tried to offer those "voluntary" benefits before through a direct carrier and it just seemed to make things worse. 

At EBIS we partner with your broker to create a enhanced benefit package with a customized employee engagement strategy to help you achieve your goals. We help to simplify the enrollment process, improve employee engagement, and give companies back precious time.

What do enhanced benefits do for my business?

We build custom solutions for a variety of challenges, including those not seemingly benefit related. Common solutions requested by employer groups include:

  • Reduce worker's compensation utilization

  • Increase morale / Reduce turnover

  • Create competitive advantages

  • Increase company profitability / Mitigate expenses

  • Creative employee engagement, marketing and outreach

  • Create/Expand HR capabilities / Reduce administrative burden

Why partner with EBIS?

We will earn your trust, and work tirelessly everyday to keep it. Enhanced Benefits Insurance Solutions was created with a partnership model in mind, focusing on long-term solutions based on your specific needs.

Some of the benefits our firm brings to your business include:

  • 50+ years enhanced benefits experience

  • HR On-boarding platform options

  • Best-in-class underwriting with top insurance carriers

  • Customized, needs-based approach

  • Creative marketing and employee outreach programs


Do you replace my broker?

We do not replace your broker. We work with you and your benefits or commercial broker to create a stronger benefit package and employee experience. 

Do you offer health insurance?

We do not offer health insurance. We specialize in voluntary benefits and employee engagement.

Are your benefit counselors commissioned?

Our benefit counselors are paid the same regardless of "sales". 

Are your benefit counselors pushy/aggressive?

EBIS was started with sustainability in mind. With that our benefit counselors are paid the same whether an employee enrolls in benefit or not.

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